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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

"Your prices are kinda high..."

Look, I will be the first to admit I hear this quite often. I'm sure so many of you do too. Actually, anyone who is familiar with Facebook's marketplace is probably well aware that there is a "make an offer" button. Lol

Even if I have an item priced at $50, there will ALWAYS be someone telling me it's too expensive or offering me less than half of what it's listed for.

The most important thing to remember is not to get upset.

Negotiating prices really has nothing to do with you, or your work.

It doesn't matter if you spent 37 hours restoring that antique curio cabinet back to its former glory.

It doesn't matter if you stripped down, repaired, repainted, and worked your magic on a piece of furniture.

It doesn't matter if you just spent 3 weeks on a canvas painting every tiny detail at a snails pace.

None of this matters to the person who is lowballing you if they can't see the value in it.

You know why? Chances are at least 1 of the following:

1. They don't know you. Which makes it so much easier to send you that message asking if you'll take less.

2. They are literally seeing the "make an offer" button on Facebook and just testing the waters.

3. They don't know how much work was put into a piece, they can only see what needs to be changed to make it work in THEIR home. Yes your blue dresser is gorgeous but if they want to paint it white to match their decor then they will probably lowball you. It's nothing personal.

4. They want beautiful things too, however they don't have the budget for it and are hoping or praying you just may say yes to their offer. Sometimes this works if you've had an item for months or just want it gone.

5. They're just an asshole.

Sometimes people are jerks, but most of the time people are just trying to get a good deal on something beautiful.

I can't blame them for that, I've done it too. I just try to respect others hard work and not offer something ridiculous.

I know we get our hearts invested in each piece and it stings a little when you have someone offering you less than what it's worth.

Just remember, it's business. It's nothing personal.

I truly believe that each and every piece you create has at least 1 person out there that loves it and sees the value in it.

Wait for that person. They will appreciate your work and will move mountains to get it.


I totally understand that you want to say something along the lines of, "Hell no, you wouldn't work for half your take home pay, would you?"


"Are you serious?? There's no way I'd ever take that little for this. Go to hell."

But please DON'T respond like that. You could very easily still have a sale after just responding to their offer with something genuine and upbeat. (Even though you may want to yell at them.) Plus, we live in the world of screenshots and we all know it just takes one post on social media to ruin your business reputation.

Here's a great way to respond:

"Hi there! Thank you so much for your interest in (ENTER FURNITURE ITEM). It is nice to see someone who appreciates all of the hard work that goes into each piece that we create here at (ENTER BUSINESS NAME). As you can imagine, many hours of labor and love have gone into this piece, so we are firm on the asking price of (ENTER PRICE). You are more than welcome to come see this piece at (ENTER STORE LOCATION). Please let me know if you have any questions, or need additional photos. If you decide to purchase we also offer local delivery for a small fee or shipping out of state. Thank you so much and have a great day! "

By doing this you let the potential buyer know several things. - That you're an actual business and this is how you make money to feed your family. - That you believe in your products enough to stand firm at your price. - That they can come see the furniture in person and actually get an idea of the piece rather than just seeing photos and making an offer blindly. - That you are willing to help with deliveries and making the transaction easy for them. Sometimes people will lowball you because they think of the hassle of getting the item. They don't want to rent a truck, buy blankets and plastic wrap to protect the piece, hire people to help load and unload, drive to wherever you are, etc.

If after this message you get a rude message back, which happens sometimes, simply reply with, "Have a great day."

Leave it at that.

Sometimes people are out to fight and be rude.

Sometimes people simply can't afford artistry items and are testing the waters to see if your prices are firm.

Sometimes all it takes is someone knowing that you will work with them to make the sale happen. Delivery is one of the biggest reasons people second guess buying a piece of furniture.

I really hope this helps some of you!!


I've had quite a few ask for guidance on this subject so if you got any value out of this post, please feel free to share!

Until next time,


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